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College faculty members with ranks of professors and associate professors are included below. Also included are information of research fellows and associate research fellows.


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Bao Zhejing, Associate Professor
Bai Zhihong, Associate Professor




Chen Guozhu, Professor

Chen Henglin, Associate Professor
Chen Huiming, Professor

Chen Longdao, Professor

Chen Min, Associate Professor

Chen Min, Associate Professor








Den Yan, Associate Professor
Ding Yong, Associate Professor

Du Li, Associate Professor






Fang Youtong, Professor







Gan Deqiang, Professor

Guo Chuangxin, Professor
Guo Ruipeng, Research Associate










Han Zhenxiang, Professor

He Benteng, Professor

He Lenian, Professor

He Xiangning, Professor

Huang Jin, Professor

Huang Minxiang, Professor







Jiang Daozhuo, Professor

Jiang Quanyuan, Professor

Jin Mengjia, Associate Professor













Li Xinggen, Associate Professor

Li Xiaorun,  Rearch Fellow

Li Wuhua,  Professor
Lin Zhenzhi, Associate Professor

Lin Zhiyun, Professor

Liu Meiqin, Professor

Lu Qinfen,  Professor

Lu Zhengyu, Professor

Luo Xiaohua, Associate Professor  







Ma Hao, Professor

Meng Jun, Associate Professor






Nian Heng, Research Associate






Pan Zaiping, Professor
Peng Yonggang, Associate Professor






Qi Caijun, Associate Professor











Shen Jianxin, Professor

Sheng Kuang, Professor

Shi Jianjiang, Professor

Shi Zheng, Associate Professor

Sun Dan, Associate Professor







Tan Nianxiong, Professor















Wang Huifang, Associate Professor

Wang Yousheng, Professor

Wang Zhen, Associate Professor
Wang Zhengshi
, Associate Professor

Wei Wei, Professor

Wen Fushuan, Professor
Wu Hao, Associate Professor

Wu Jianhua, Professor

Wu Xiaobo, Professor
Wu Xinke, Associate Professor




Xiang Ji, Professor

Xin Huanhai, Professor

Xu Dehong, Professor

Xu Zheng, Professor

Xu Li, Professor
Xu Wenyuan, Professor














Yan Xiaola
ng, Professor

Yan Gangfeng, Professor

Yan Wenjun, Professor
Yang Huan, Associate Professor
Yang Jiaqiang, Associate Professor

Yang Shiyou, Professor

Yang Qiang, Associate Professor
Yao Wenxi, Associate Professor

Yao Yingying, Professor

Ye Yunyue, Professor

Yu Xiaopeng, Associate Professor












Zhang Junming, Professor

Zhang Senlin, Professor

Zhang Wei, Associate Professor

Zhao Guangzhou, Professor

Zhao Rongxiang, Professor

Zhou Hao, Professor

Zhu Changsheng, Professor

Zhu Shanan, Professor

Zhu Ziqiang, Professor


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