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[10-25] University of York Delegates visited EE College
[03-30] High-Performance Vertical Gallium Nitride (GaN) Diodes an...
[02-25] High Efficiency Wireless EV Charging Using Wireless Power...
[02-24] Developments in Automotive Power Electronics and the Outl...
[10-24] Seminars by Professors from Florida International Univers...
[10-17] Sheffield Delegates Visited EE College
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[11-10] USS LAB Researchers Win Best Paper Award at ACM CCS ...
[05-22] Prof Timothy Green from ICL Appointed as Qiushi Chai...
[01-17] Signing Ceremony of Wind Power Research and Developm...
[10-21] The 13th IEEE Vehicle Power and Propulsion Conferenc...
[09-11] Prof Zi-Qiang Zhu Elected to Fellow of the Royal Aca...
[06-27] Prof Xu Dehong Wins IEEE PELS R.David Middlebrook Ac...
[05-30] Dr. Chen Henglin from EE College Won IEEE APEMC Youn...
Prof.Jose Rodriguez's lecture [2009-12-29]
Prof. Hannu Tenhunen visited ZJU [2009-12-08]
The summarizing of the summer vacation academic exchanges of the College of Electrical Engineering [2009-12-08]
Summary of IECON2004 [2009-12-08]
The Information of ICEMS2004 [2009-12-08]
Professor Dake Liu Visited Zhejiang University [2009-12-08]
Professor Xu Dehong Met Dr. SEIKI IGARASHI From Fuji Co.Ltd.of Japan [2009-12-08]
Dr. Chen Daoshen visited CEE [2009-12-08]
Prof. Jih-sheng (Jason) Lai's lecture [2009-12-08]
U.K Delegation of Queen's University of Belfast Visited CEE [2009-12-08]
Summary of Prof. A.G. Jack's Lecture [2009-12-08]
Prof. Wu Yingqin's lecture [2009-12-08]
Prof. Li Xiaorong's lecture [2009-12-08]
The Awarding Ceremony of Prof. Li Xiaorong and Prof. H. Haubrich &Prof. H. Haubrich's lecture [2009-12-08]
Prof. Wang Qingguo's lecture [2009-12-08]
Dr. Frank Lee's lecture [2009-12-08]
Prof. John Taylor's Lecture [2009-12-08]
The Awarding Ceremony of Prof. Li Xiaorong as Guangbiao Chair Professor of Zhejiang University [2009-12-08]
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