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Ye Xudong

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Contact Information
Phone: +86 571 8795 1584
Email: eexdye@zju.edu.cn
Office: Electrical Engineering Building
Zhejiang University, Yuquan Campus

Professional Activities
Associate Editor, Control Theory & Applications

Ph.D. –Zhejiang University, Industrial Automation, 1994
M. S –Zhejiang University, Industrial Automation, 1991
B.S. – Zhejiang University, Industrial Automation, 1989

Working Experience
2000-              Professor, College of Electrical Engineering, Zhejiang University
1996-1999      Associate Professor, College of Electrical Engineering, Zhejiang University
1994-1996      Postdoctoral Fellow, State Key Laboratory of Fluid Power Transmission and 
                       Control, Zhejiang University
2001- 2002     Alexander von Humboldt Fellow, Ruhr University Bochum, Germany

Awards and Honors
National Natural Science Award , Second prize, 2010 (4th)
National Natural Science Award , Second prize, 2007 (2nd)
National Outstanding Young Scientist Award, 2005

Courses Taught (bilingual)
System Modelling, Analysizing and Simulation

Research Interests
Nonlinear Control
Adaptive Control
Large-scale Systems
Stochastic Systems
Distributed Parameter Systems

Current Projects
1. Adaptive, Self-learning and Self-organizing Systems£¬National Natural Science Fund
2. Adaptive Control of Distributed Parameter Systems, National Natural Science Fund
3. Advanced Control of Fluid Power Transmission Systems, 973 Project (sub-Project)

Publication List
Selected Publications
1. Ye Xudong, Jiang Jingping, Adaptive nonlinear design without a priori knowledge of control directions. IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control. 1998 pp. 1617-1621
2. Ye Xudong. Universail lamda-tracking for nonlinearly perturbed systems without restrictions on the relative degree. Automatica, 1999 pp.109-119
3. Ye Xudong, Logic-based switching adaptive stabilization of feedforward nonlinear systems, IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control£¬1999£¬pp.2174-2178
4. Ye Xudong, Huang Jie, Decentralized adaptive output regulation for a class of large-scale nonlinear systems, IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control£¬2003£¬pp. 276-281
5. Ye Xudong, Switching adaptive output feedback control of nonlinearly parametrized systems, Automatica£¬2005£¬pp.983-989
6. Ye Xudong, Adaptive output feedback control of nonlinear systems with unknown nonlinearities, Automatica£¬2005£¬pp.1367-1374
7. Ye Xudong, Huang Jie & H. Unbehauen, Decentralized robust stabilization for large-scale feedforward nonlinear systems, International Journal of Control, 2006, pp. 1505-1511
8. Ye Xudong, Nonlinear adaptive control using multiple identification models, Systems & Control Letters£¬2008£¬pp.578-584
9. Ye Xudong, Pseudo-decentralized adaptive stabilization of large-scale feedforward nonlinear systems, Automatica£¬2009£¬pp.1232-1236
10. Ye Xudong, Adaptive stabilization of time-delay feedforward nonlinear systems, Automatica, 2011, pp. 950-955



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