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¡¡Research Areas
¡¡Research Achievements
¡¡National Key Laboratory of Power Electronics
¡¡National Engineering Center for Applied Power Electronics
¡¡National Engnieering Centre for Small & Special Precision Motors - Zhejiang University Laboratory
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Research Areas

   Main Areas of Research                      Areas of Research Specialty

     Electrical Machine and Electrical Apparatus

    Special Electrical Machines and Novel Drive Systems
    High Energy-efficiency Technologies and Renewable Energies
    Advanced Control and Measurement Technologies of Electrical
    Machines Systems
    Physical Field Analysis and Optimal Design of Electrical Machines
    Linear Motors and Maglev Systems
    Electromechanical Automation and Motion Control
    Aerospace and Special Electrical Machines and Drives       


     Power System and Automation


    Power System Safety
    Stability and Control
    Power System Relay Protection
    AC/DC Flexible Transmission Technology
    Distributed Generation and Interconnection
    Energy Management System and Cyber Safety
    Electrical Power Market and Network Optimization
    High Voltage Technology in DC Transmission
Lightning Protection of Information Systems


     Power Electronics and Motor Drives


   Theory and Technology of Power conversion
    New Power Electronics Devices
    Power Electronics on Power System Applications
    Power Electronics on Variable Speed Driver and Servo Control
    Theory and Technology of Power Electronics Integration
    Power Electronics on Energy Saving and Renewable Energy 
    Special Power Sources for Industrial Applications
    SiC Power Device
Electromagnetic Theory and Application


    Control Theory and Control Engineering

   Intelligent Control and Intelligent System
    Application of Optimization and Control Technology in Smart Grid
    Image Processing and Digital Textile Technology
    Coordinated Control of Multi-agents
    Nonlinear System Theory



    Circuit and System

    VLSI Design and SoC Design
    Research on VDSM/Nanoschale IC Design Methodology and its
    Implementation Tools
Analog and Digital Mixed Signal IC design




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