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CEE people have always been dedicated to scientific research, which has yielded in impressive achievements like Double Water Inner-cooled Electrical Generator in the 1960s with the honor of National Invention Award (First Prize), and in the following years other achievements such as Induction Heating Power Supplies, AC and DC Transmission, Fabric CAD System, 32-bit Embedded CPU Series with Independent Intelletual Property. Ever since 1998, the College has received 5 national awards, 53 first-prize or second-prize provincial and ministerial awards.. It meanwhile has played an active role in accomplishing the task of research on important supporting components for China's "Shenzhou" spacecraft, and space suits.

After the College was established in 1998, it has newly set up Institute of Aerospace and Special Electrical Machines, Institute of Power Economics and Information and Institute of VLSI Design, which acts to broaden research areas of the college. In addition to the traditional disciplinary focus on basic research, the College endeavors to commit its social responsibility in serving local and regional economy. It understakes, in recent years, a number of National “973” Projects, National “863” Projects, key projects from the Natural Science Foundation of China, key defense industry projects, and major projects for international cooperation and the industry as well. With about 200 projects under research each year, the total research fund of the College sees a steady increase from 8.31million yuan in 1998 to 170 million yuan in Dec, 2010. Meanwhile, over 100 monographs and 10,000 papers ( 2958 papers indexed by SCI, EI, and ISTP) have so far been published, and 227 patents authorized, a remarkable achievment that contributes to scientific research in Electrical Engineering of China.

Currently, the College has set its long-term research target at cutting-edge technology trends and major national strategic needs. Great efforts will be made by its faculties in the area of Renewable Energy Development and Application, Smart Grid Technology, Energy-efficient Technology, High-speed Rail Transportation Technology, Embedded IC Design Technology, Aeronautical-electrical Engineering Technology, SiC Power Device, etc., to strive for a variety of major projects during the 12th Five-year period as a way to enhance research capacity and academic status of the College.

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