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Research Team from High Voltage Lab of EE College Attended the International Conference ICPADM 2018

Date:2018-05-25    Editor:超级管理员    Hits:116

IEEE 12th International Conference on the Properties and Applications of Dielectric Materials (ICPADM 2018), was held from 20-24 May, 2018 at the Paradise Resort Xi’an. Prof. Xiangrong Chen from our EE College was invited to attend the conference. Nano-technology and nano-dielectrics, monitoring and diagnostics, aging and life assessment, space charge, partial discharge, insulators, electrical insulation systems at cryogenic temperatures, conduction and breakdown, surface and interfacial phenomena, new materials, bio-dielectrics and eco-friendly dielectrics, insulation in equipment and systems, modeling and simulations, research status of high voltage DC cable were discussed during the conference, and opinions on the international latest research progress in the field of high voltage insulation and the development trend of future were shared during the conference.

The international conference ICPADM, sponsored by IEEE/DEIS and organized by Xi’an Jiaotong University, contains a number of agenda items including keynote speeches, guest reports, oral reports, paper presentation, poster presentation and group discussion. Domestic and foreign well-known experts and professors including Yasuhiro Tanaka, Gilbert Teyssedre, Gary C. Stevens, George Chen, Stanislaw M. Gubanski, Hugh Zhu, Zhongdong Wang, Roland Dongping Zhang, Detlef F. Wald, Harry Orton, Qingquan Lei, Shengtao Li, Jinliang He attended the meeting.

Prof. Xiangrong Chen introduced the influence of voltage stabilizer in polyethylene blends on electrical treeing, showed the research environment in our high voltage laboratory during the invited report on the morning of May 22th. After the report, in free discussions, Prof. Yewen Zhang from Tongji University, Prof. Gary C. Stevens from Gnosys Global Ltd, and colleagues from University of Southampton UK, North China Electric Power University, widely discussed with Prof. Chen about the report.


Besides, PhD student Jingzhe Yu, Honglu Guan, postgraduate student Chen Jiang from our college attended the international conference. The poster "Numerical Analysis of Thermo-Electric Field for 10 kV AC XLPE Cable in DC Operation" presented by Dr. Yu attracted the attention of both domestic and foreign experts.


On the morning of May 24th, Prof. Xiangrong Chen attended the seminar "Space Charge and Degradation Research of Dielectric Materials in HV Power Cable" and discussed the research progress of the space charge measurement, high voltage AC/DC cable insulation and cable degradation with the participating experts and scholars.


ICPADM 2018 is the 12th meeting of this conference series. ICPADM started in Xi’an in 1985 with the initial aim to provide a venue for Chinese electrical insulation and dielectrics researchers to communicate their research activities with the rest of the world. 

Photo by Jingzhe Yu and Chen Jiang; Written by Chen Jiang

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