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Reports from Researcher YAO Jianguo and Dr. YAN Sheng were successfully held

Date:2018-09-27    Editor:    Hits:215

On September 26, YAO Jianguo, researcher from China Electric Power Research Institute and YAN Sheng, doctor from State Grid Corporation of China delivered lectures entitled ”New generation dispatch control system and related technologies” and “The evolution of power grid form and the demand for technological innovation in 2030” at Zhejiang University.

"The new generation of dispatch control system adopts new technology and new architecture to reconstruct a new system of large power grid dispatch control technology. Based on service-oriented thinking to create an innovation ecology, changing the status quo of independent analysis and decision-making of traditional control centers, with new features, we will fully realize ‘full-service information perception, system-wide collaborative control, full-process online decision-making, full-time space optimization balance, all-round load scheduling’, which strongly supports the operation of a new generation of power systems." said YAO.


YAN said, "2030 grid technology innovation needs: high proportion of clean energy development, flexible interconnection and safe operation of large power grids, multi-user interactive power, new materials and new devices, artificial intelligence and other supporting technologies."


YAO Jianguo graduated from Zhejiang University in 1988. He is a researcher-level senior engineer, a senior member of the IEEE, and a special allowance expert of the State Council.

       YAN Sheng is the director of the scientific research department of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the State Grid Corporation. He is engaged in the implementation of the national key projects of the “Science and Technology Innovation 2030” smart grid.

Written by Zhang Tianhan

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