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Academic Report: Towards highly reliable electrical machines for aerospace applications

Date:2018-05-01    Editor:超级管理员    Hits:81

Speaker: Michael Galea, the University of Nottingham

Time: 14:00 p.m., Thursday, May. 3, 2018

Venue: Room 405, No. 2 Teaching Building, Yuquan Campus

Organizer: Department of Electrical Engineering



The lecture is focused on the need for a step-change in how we consider the reliability aspects of electrical machine, especially when considering the very high requirements of robustness and reliability associated with certain industries, such as aerospace.


 The requirements for higher performance machines in terms of power densities for aerospace applications are ever0increasing. However, a main consideration for aerospace applications is also the need for highly reliable and robust systems. In this lecture, Dr. Galea will discuss the challenge of balancing the need for higher power/ torque densities with the need for super-reliable electrical machines. He will introduce the need for reliability engineering to be considered right from the first stages of the design. The need for accurate, physics of failure methods and the associated challenges will be discussed. A case study that highlights this aspect will also be included.


About the speaker:

Michael Galea received his PhD in electrical machines design from the University of Nottingham, UK, where he has also worked as a Research Fellow. He is currently the Head of School of Aerospace in the University of Nottingham, Ningbo, China, where he is also the Director of Aerospace. He currently lectures in Aerospace Electrical Systems and Systems Integration and manages a number of diverse projects and programs related to the more / all electric aircraft, electrified propulsion, electrical energy conversion and associated fields. He is a senior member of the IEEE and a member of the IET, the UK MagSoc committee and the UK’s Royal Aeronautical Society. His main research interests are the design, analysis and thermal management of electrical machines, highly integrated electrical drives and the reliability and life-time consumption of electrical machines. His main research applications include the more electric aircraft, the more eclectic engine, electrical power generation and electrified and hybrid propulsion.

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