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IGBT Modules and Applications (ZJU-FJU BDU SEMINAR)

Date:2018-06-29    Editor:    Hits:1250

IGBT Modules and Applications (ZJU-FJU BDU SEMINAR)

Time: 2:00-5:00 p.m.  Friday, June 29th, 2018 

Venue: Room 418, Electrical Engineering Building, Yuquan Campus

14:00-14:10  Greeting, Introduction of Fuji Semiconductor Business, 

Speaker: Naoto Fujishima, Fuji Electric Co., Ltd 

14:10-14:40  High I2t capability power modules for x EV power train with leadframe and RC-IGBT combination,  

Speaker: Akihiro Osawa, Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. 

14:40-15:05  High power next Core(HPnC) package with 3.3kV SiC Hybrid chip combination, 

Speaker: Yusuke Sekino, Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. 

15:05-15:30  1,700V IGBT module with newly developed 7th Generation technology, 

Speaker: Song Chen, Fuji Electric (China) Co., Ltd 

15:30-15:40  Short Break 

15:40-16:05  Influence of negative voltage between gate and emitter to the turn-off behavior of IGBT device,

Speaker: Fumio Yukawa, Fuji Electric Co., Ltd 

16:05-16:30  Expansion of power rating with 7th-Generation “X Series” RC-IGBT Modules for Industrial Applications, 

Speaker: Akio Yamano, Fuji Electric Co., Ltd 

16:30-16:40 Q&A and Closing

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