National Key Laboratory of Power Electronics


As the unique national key laboratory of power electronics and drives in China, the Lab was started building in 1991 with 0.5-million- US Dollar-loan from the World Bank, and opened officially in 1998. It is equipped with dynamic signal analyzer, network / spectrum analyzer, logic analysis system, pulse parameters tester, function generator, power device characteristics tester, infrared imaging, quasi-static C-V measurement system, the surface profilometer and a number of high-performance digital oscilloscope, etc. A number of research achievements were made in the Lab. It meanwhile contributes significantly to cultivating those who are in urgent need by the country, and supporting high-level scientific research and key technological development.

The Lab consists of a group of dynamic technical team, 15 professors (including one Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, and one Guangbiao Chair Professor), 8 associate professors, and 8 other research fellows. They focus their research interest on the following filed like technology of power electronic circuit topology and special power supply, power electronics technology for variable frequency drive and motion control, power electronics applications in power systems, theory and technology of power electronic system integration, and power electronics applications in environmental protection.

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