Talent cultivation is always the top priority of the College. Fully dedicated to preparing students for interdisciplinary professionals in technological development, scientific research and research management in the area of engineering, the College attaches great importance to the development of each student’s comprehensive basic skills, which are fully demonstrated in achievements like "Quality Project" for undergraduate education.

3 undergraduate programs are available in the College:
B.S. in 
Electrical Engineering and its Automation
B.S. in Automation
B.S. in 
Electronic Information Engineering

The College has now estabalished 26 joint laboratories and over 20 training bases, in collaboration with its industrial partners, to enable students a good practical training environment for the development of their innovative abilities. In the past 10 years, more than 4,000 undergraduate students have participated in a total of 1068 national, provincial and university Student Research Train Programs. 218 papers have been published and 75 prizes awarded to those envolved in international and national academic competitions.

Ever since 2006, the College has been undergoing a teaching reform - Edison Experimental Class – to innovatively train specifically-chosen undergraduates into the top-tier talents. Featured by small-class size and personalized training program, the reform focuses on a 10-main-course teaching and experimental practice during the first 2 years of university education, intensified theoretical teaching mode, and an open, compositive experimental teaching mode in integration with theoretical teaching. After 3 years of practice, a quantity of achievements can be found in students’ participation in national academic competitions, national and provincial creative practice projects, etc., especially in their outstanding performances in National Undergraduates Smart Car Competition, the National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest, Robot Competition and similar events. Nearly 50% of its students have either won honors in academic competitions or officially published research papers, which clearly demonstrate a significant improvement of their abilities in innovation and problem-solving.

The College is currently exerting efforts on undergraduate practical learning both in university and in industry , based on the above reform, during the last 2 years of professional education as a way to promote Outstanding Engineer Training Programs initiated by Ministry of Education.


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